Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental Cadets Program

It is the Junior Indigenous Marine and Environmental Cadets Program which has grabbed the attention of the students, as it proposes not only a viable future, but a future that is invested in the culture and traditions of their peoples.

Currently 15 students participate in our work and training program across the Tiwi Islands, Cairns, Sydney and Banubanu. Next year the program will be expanded to to provide over 30 Junior Guiding positions across Australia.

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What other volunteers have said:

I have witnessed a great change for the better through the project, especially from the senior boys as they show interest and perseverance.

Sister Anne – Senior Australian of the Year, Bathurst Island

I have supported the Hayden Reynolds program in the Tiwi islands for 10 years. This next phase is very exciting as it has the potential to engage all of coastal Australia in the development of young Indigenous fishing guides.

Simon Buckingham – Co-Founder CanToo

The people involved in all aspects of the Project are what make this such a success and create the right environment for partnership to flourish.

Kate Shaw – Volunteer

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